We Remove Asbestos Floor Tiles

  • Asbestos Floor Tiles Removed Quickly  – Job Done within 2 Days.
  • Flooring Safely and Properly Disposed of – On Job Finish.
  • All jobs include an Asbestos Disposal Certificate – Within 14 days.
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Floor Tile Removal Cost £39 per 1m2 min 12m2 plus VAT

Our costs are all fully inclusive with no hidden charges whatsoever. Minimum 12m2 charge. We do not remove the Bitumen (glue)

Our cost is £39+VAT per 1m2 area. We charge a minimum of 12m2.

We do not remove the bitumen/glue. We only remove the floor tile.

Yes. Whilst we will use safety precautions, the room will need to be empty of any non fixed items.

We do not recommend anyone stays in the property whilst the job is being completed.

Removing the Floor Tiles 

If you want asbestos floor tiles removing and disposing of then JS Removals are your No1 choice throughout the East Midlands and beyond. We have an experienced team waiting to help you to remove and dispose of any floor tiles that contain asbestos from domestic or commercial premises.

Because of its durable and thermal properties asbestos was an extremely common component for flooring tiles so it is no surprise to find it present in many floors of buildings constructed from the 1920s right up to the late 1990s.

These floors pose little risk to health whilst undisturbed so it is common to still find asbestos floor tiles within domestic houses as well as commercial and public places.  Indeed, because of their durability it is also quite common to find several layers of asbestos containing floor tiles, laid one on top of each other.  This has occurred simply because removing a layer is not the easiest thing to do.

Should I Remove or Encapsulate Floors Containing Asbestos?

The easy answer is, if the floor tiles are likely to be damaged or disturbed during your renovations then it is probably safer to remove the problem entirely rather than to simply cover up the problem.  This is also true for commercial premises where you have an ongoing responsibility to ensure that any asbestos contained in a building, including floor tiles, is properly managed.

Once you decide that you want to have your old asbestos floor tiling removed then you will want to turn to the professionals. After all trying to do this yourself is difficult, time consuming and risky. Much better to hand the job over to experts who will take the hassle out of the job, leaving you to get on safe in the knowledge that there are no harmful materials left in your floor.

Our teams have the required equipment and experience to safely remove and transport the floor tiles for safe disposal. We also conform to all health and safety guidelines whilst handling hazardous materials such as asbestos to ensure that everyone is kept safe during the removal.

We’ll limit the chance of airborne particles during removal and try to keep each tile intact wherever possible. All our experienced removers will wear full PPE to protect themselves from contamination.  We’ll immediately double bag the tiles prior to loading onto our dedicated vans where they will be taken to a nearby disposal facility that will dispose of the tiles safely. Once all the asbestos floor tiles have been taken away, we will thoroughly clean the area with an H class vacuum to ensure that the whole area is uncontaminated.

Your Disposal Certificate

At the end of the process you’ll be provided with an Asbestos Disposal Certificate as your safeguard that the asbestos has been removed and all processes have been carried out in accordance with correct procedures.

Get in touch with JS Removals today to get a quote for safely removing asbestos floor tiles from your property.  We’ll tackle any job from small, single room floors to whole building floor removal. See our other asbestos services here.

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