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Asbestos Cleared in Norwich/Norfolk

Norwich Asbestos Removal

Here at JS Removals our team are on hand to assist you in any asbestos removal within Norwich and the county of Norfolk.  Whether you have a small domestic job, such as an asbestos garage roof that you need removing and disposing of or, you are a Norwich business with more large scale asbestos issues, we can help no matter how big the job may be.

How Do I Know if I Need Asbestos Remove

Well the very first thing you must do is identify whether or not you have asbestos within your building.  This is made easier because we can narrow down the timeframe within which the material would have been used.

In Norwich itself there were many new developments, brought about by the City of Norwich Plan 1945, which was put into place after the Second World War and saw massive demolition and rebuilding throughout the city from 1945 right up to the early 70s which was a time when the use of asbestos in construction was rife. However, just because your property was built before Norwich’s 45 Plan doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain the harmful material.  Any remedial work carried out throughout this time could also contain items that were made using asbestos.


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Norwich Asbestos Removal Before

The second part of the detective work needed to determine if you have asbestos in your building is to know where to find it. Asbestos has good thermal properties as well as being fire resistant and waterproof so was a widely used material in external products such as roofing and walls of garages, soffits and facings of buildings, both domestic and commercial, and in gutters and drain pipes.  Internally it was also used as flooring and ceiling tiles.

Before you rush into getting any asbestos removed it is worth noting that not every situation requires removal and disposal.  In some instances it may be best to simply leave it where it is.  However this is only an option if you know that it won’t be disturbed by future works or is not at risk of damage and deterioration by the elements over time.

In almost all situations once you are aware that there is asbestos within the structure of your building then it makes sense to get it removed, and more importantly, disposed of in a responsible and environmentally safe way. The best way you can do this is by calling in the experts.

Finding Asbestos in Your Norwich Premises

Norwich Asbestos Removal After

Once you’ve determined that you have asbestos in your Norwich property that needs removing then you must ensure that every precaution is taken to minimise the damage that can be done to anyone who comes in contact with it during its extraction and disposal.

We offer a safe and professional service covering all kinds of extraction work from garage roof or ceiling removal, removal of drain pipes or soffits to complete garage demolition and removal. But the use of this material is not confined to the external parts of your property and we also have extensive experience in the removal of internal floors, walls and ceilings as well as water tanks where asbestos can also be found.

All our team are industry trained and qualified and follow the latest safety regulations throughout the process. This ensures that you, your building, the environment and our staff won’t come into contact with any hazardous fibres during the clearance and disposal.

When the job is complete you’ll be issued with an Asbestos Consignment Note from us which is your certificate to prove that the asbestos has been cleared following all the correct procedure.

Get in touch with us today if you would like us to handle any asbestos removal jobs in Norwich or beyond.  Big or small, tricky or simple we can take care of the problem efficiently and safely leaving you with nothing to worry about.

A – If you require asbestos removal or collection of Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) sheets, all you need to do is count the number of sheets you have, and we can quote for collection over the phone. If you have more extensive demolition or removal requirements or are unsure of quantities for removal, get in touch to discuss or send us pictures. We are contactable via:

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so we can assess the job and give a quote. During the current pandemic we are not coming out to assess at the moment.

A – We want to help you get your home or business asbestos-free as quick as we can, so we aim to complete any job within 1 – 3 working days from the date of the booking request. So give us a call to discuss and book your removal crew.

A – Yes, we certainly are. We are registered with the Environment Agency, registration number CBDU221309 which certifies us to undertake asbestos removal. If you would like to check our credentials, visit the Environment Agency website and enter our registration number into the live system.

A – We offer two ways to pay – either via bank transfer (this method is preferred) or we accept cash. Either way, you only pay when the job is finished and receive your certificate of completion within 14 days of having received payment.

Your asbestos is on hold and not disposed of until payment has been made.

A – JS Removals cover the whole of England for asbestos removal work.

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