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Asbestos Removal from Garages & Sheds in Sheffield

Sheffield Asbestos Removal

JS Removals offer professional, diligent and thorough asbestos removal for Sheffield and the wider conurbation. It’s easy to get in touch and our team of experts are on hand to quote for the work, while we aim to complete most jobs within 1-3 days of your initial request. Whether you’re a business or domestic property owner in Sheffield, Rotherham or anywhere else in South Yorkshire, get your asbestos removed promptly and safely with a company you can trust.

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Asbestos, the Common Building Material

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Asbestos was a common building material from the 1930s right through to the 1970s, when it was banned in the UK in most forms. Its properties – waterproof, with high heat resistance – made it ideal for construction, insulation and roofing, and the negative health effects weren’t recognised until the mid-1970s. As a result, many buildings constructed before or around this time still contain asbestos, and people living or working in the property are at risk if the asbestos becomes damaged or degrades.

This is of particular relevance for residents of Sheffield, as developments like the Park Hill complexes will almost certainly, in their original guise, contain asbestos which requires removal before any major work can be done. Of course some parts of the complex, alongside others in and around the city, are being redeveloped by investors who are aware of the risks and requirement to clear any asbestos found – but for those home and business owners who are still personally responsible for their property, JS Removals are here to give you the expert advice and responsive service you need to keep yourself and your family or employees safe.

Often, requests for asbestos clearance centre on the removal of garage ceilings, roofs or often the entire structure, as well as disposing of water tanks, pipework lagging and drainpipes and soffits from mid-century properties. However, our experienced team have dealt with asbestos removal in all kinds of unusual and tricky situations, in Sheffield and elsewhere, and use approved methods for safely removing, storing and then disposing of any asbestos waste.

As further guarantee, within 14 days of payment for the work being received, you’ll get a certificate, an Asbestos Consignment Note as confirmation that the work has been completed and your asbestos has been responsibly disposed of through official channels, giving you complete peace of mind.

But Why Remove the Asbestos at all?

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While it is true that asbestos, if left undisturbed, does not pose a major risk to health, the likelihood of it remaining undamaged long-term is low. With the housing market in good shape following years of recession, many homeowners are choosing to refurbish their properties in the hopes of making a profit when they come to sell – and in older buildings, refurbishment, renovation and repairs will often involve the kind of structural work that brings you into contact with asbestos.

Furthermore, the tiny fibres of asbestos that are released into the air upon being damaged – microscopic, mineral-based fibres – do not degrade over time, and once they are in your lungs they can do untold damage, with the effects and symptoms often only detected after decades. So even if you don’t knowingly engage in anything that may disturb asbestos in your house, previous work or even the natural degradation of the material can cause those fibres to be released.

It is vitally important, then, to remove any trace of asbestos that you are made aware of, and to ensure that none remains to put your family or colleagues at risk either before, during or after any building work takes place. Rest assured that we use full PPE when completing any work, ensure that the area is suitably contained before undertaking any asbestos removal, and de-contaminate the area when we are finished. We also work with Sheffield-based hazardous waste disposal sites to ensure any asbestos that is cleared is then securely transported and managed in line with national guidance.

If you or someone you know needs asbestos removal in Sheffield or anywhere nearby, get in touch with JS Removals today so we can help you create to a healthier, safer place to live or work.

A – If you require asbestos removal or collection of Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB) sheets, all you need to do is count the number of sheets you have, and we can quote for collection over the phone. If you have more extensive demolition or removal requirements or are unsure of quantities for removal, get in touch to discuss or send us pictures. We are contactable via:

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so we can assess the job and give a quote. During the current pandemic we are not coming out to assess at the moment.

A – We want to help you get your home or business asbestos-free as quick as we can, so we aim to complete any job within 1 – 3 working days from the date of the booking request. So give us a call to discuss and book your removal crew.

A – Yes, we certainly are. We are registered with the Environment Agency, registration number CBDU221309 which certifies us to undertake asbestos removal. If you would like to check our credentials, visit the Environment Agency website and enter our registration number into the live system.

A – We offer two ways to pay – either via bank transfer (this method is preferred) or we accept cash. Either way, you only pay when the job is finished and receive your certificate of completion within 14 days of having received payment.

Your asbestos is on hold and not disposed of until payment has been made.

A – JS Removals cover the whole of England for asbestos removal work.

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