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Leicester Asbestos Removal

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JS Removals provide skilled, efficient asbestos removal in Leicester and the rest of the county. Whether your property is domestic or commercial, we’re on hand to help you identify any issues, remove asbestos that is at risk, and dispose of it safely.

We serve the whole of Leicestershire and are on hand to provide a rapid response to any asbestos problems, offering peace of mind to property and business owners alike. We cover the City of Leicester as well as outlying areas such as Oadby and Glenfield, and the wider county, providing fast, effective asbestos clearance and removal.

Take the first step to improving your home or place of work – for yourself and your family or colleagues, as well as for anyone who lives or works there after you – by discovering if you have any asbestos that needs to be cleared, and then letting us do the difficult work of getting it all out, all whilst keeping you, your property and our staff protected.

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Please send photos, dimensions, postcode and any details

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Did You Know this About Asbestos?

Asbestos was a key component in building materials throughout the first half of the 20th century, and only stopped being used in the 1970s as the health risks became more apparent. As a result, many buildings in and around Leicester still have asbestos that may need clearing, especially if they were built in the boom years of the 1950s and 1960s, capitalising on inner-city workers seeking quieter home life, as well as providing cheap and easily constructed homes for the thousands of migrants who flocked to the city from Asia and Africa.

In areas where new housing developments went up, such as at Braunstone in the south-west of the city, Beaumont Leys and Belgrave to the north, and Thurnby Lodge to the east, properties were often constructed using asbestos for insulation, floor and ceiling tiles, and as waterproof roofing materials for garages. Indeed, many of the queries we receive are to remove asbestos from garage roofs, ceilings or from the entire structure if appropriate, as well as from soil pipes, guttering and soffits on mid-century properties.

Problems When Disturbing Asbestos

If asbestos is in your house but is not currently at risk of being disturbed, it may be safe to leave it where it is, as removal can cause more issues. If, however, the asbestos is in poor condition or is at risk of being damaged or disturbed by any work you are undertaking, it should definitely be removed by professionals, to ensure no trace is left. Asbestos splits into tiny threads, which are sharp and which can do considerable damage to the lungs when breathed in, especially if there is long-term exposure.

As experts in asbestos removal around Leicester, JS Removals staff wear full PPE to stay protected, and take all necessary steps in the preparation towards, and undertaking of, clearance of asbestos along with any cleaning up required to ensure the area is safe to use afterwards.

We also store your asbestos in a secure location until payment for our services is received, at which point it is transferred to a licensed site where it can be recycled responsibly into non-toxic materials.

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Getting Rid of Asbestos in Leicestershire

If you live in or around Leicester and you think you have asbestos that needs removing, don’t hesitate to get in touch so one of our friendly team can give you a quote. We aim to be finished on site within three working days of receiving your booking request, so you can rest easy knowing that the risk posed by asbestos is dealt with promptly and professionally.

Get your home or business in good order today with our bespoke asbestos clearance service, with friendly, reliable professionals you can trust.

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