Cutting your House Removal Costs in the UK?

Finding ways to cut your house removal costs is just one of the things that you can think about to cut the cost of moving down a peg or two, when times and money get tight. Saving some money during what is often a very expensive and equally stressful experience can bring some satisfaction to your mind to help ease the overall burden.

Whether you are moving house just round the corner or your removal company are taking you further afield to pastures greener, you’ll be wanting to try to relocate as cost effectively as you can.

You may choose to do the main move yourself, just entrusting a few of the heavy items to the removal company to save yourself some money, or you throw the budget out the window and get them to take care of everything from the packing up to and including the unpacking in your new home. Whichever way you go you will want to ensure that you keep your specific house removal costs under control as much as you can.

DIY Versus Professional Removal Firm

A word of warning before you go down the DIY route of hiring your own van and lumping all your furniture and belongings about single handed. Yes, it is certainly the most budget friendly option, coming in several hundred pounds cheaper than hiring a removal company to take the strain but you should ask yourself a few questions first.

Do I have the strength and stamina?

Do I have the time?

Are there any awkward pieces or difficult to access areas in either house?

Am I covered if the worst thing happens, and a precious item gets damaged or lost?

If you can answer all those questions comfortably then we’d say go ahead and do it yourself, but it is not for everyone and that’s where we come in. Hiring an experienced company, such as JS Removals company, for your house removal is more costly initially but can save you in time, stress and money in the long run.

Look at our website as we have prices for partial house removals, moving from a flat to a flat and full moves from 2 bed, 3 bed and 4 bedroom houses helping to cut costs and, if you can manage to move some of your belongings yourself then by all means this is surely good news?

Hidden Costs when Moving Home

The most obvious thing to say here is to make sure that you let your removal company know exactly what you want moving during the quote stage. Forgetting the old grandfather clock, things you forgot about hidden in the attic, until the day of the move is not a good idea.

So take your time and make sure you double check every nook and cranny of your house before finalising the quote with your chosen company.

There are some situations beyond your control that may increase your house removal costs and it’s a good idea to know about them first rather than get a nasty surprise when you pay the bill.

Things that Increase the Cost of Moving 

As most removal companies base their quotes on time as well as manpower, if there are delays getting access to either property this is likely to have a negative effect on the cost. Obviously, we can’t be in control of every eventuality, however making sure that keys are available at the required time or that access to both properties is not blocked can really help to prevent unnecessary and costly delays. It’s pretty much common sense.

Ways to Keep your House Removal Costs Down

Below you will find a list of suggestions that can help you to keep your house removal costs down.

Be prepared and organised – No matter how organised you think you are, you will be surprised how much unwanted clutter can build up in hidden corners of your home.  And the longer it has been since you last moved house the more clutter you are likely to have accumulated.  To save yourself the frustration of all this clutter adding to the cost of your house removal, it makes sense to be ruthless and get rid of anything you don’t want thus lowering the price of your move.

Get creative with your packaging – Instead of purchasing shiny new cardboard boxes consider sourcing boxes from local shops such as supermarkets and charity shops as well as restaurants and food sellers.

Use some of your household items – A kitchen bin (cleaned of course) would make a useful container. As would the large supermarket bags that you usually use for your shopping. Don’t just bundle them in the car, let them be useful.

Instead of emptying your clothes from the drawers, leave the clothes in them and put a plastic bag or towel over them to keep them safe in transit.  This not only saves money but also time at both ends so is a win-win situation.

Suitcases are another useful storage container for clothes, shoes, bedding etc.

Rather than just a box filled with towels, bedding and cushions use these items as protective packaging to keep your fragile items safe.

Fill hollow items, such as large lamp shades or vases, with small items rather than have boxes that contain lots of empty space.

Suggestions that We Hope will Help to Save you Money

These are just a few suggestions to help keep your house removal costs as low as possible. It’s quite satisfying finding clever ways of using your possessions to help with your packing and ultimately your budget and you’ll be able to give yourself a pat on the back.

Enjoy your move!


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