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Locally based JS Removals are ready to help with all your house clearance jobs in Derby and the surrounding area. So if you find that you are being overwhelmed by clutter our team are waiting to come to the rescue of South Derbyshire property owners seeking help with clearing their houses, business premises or even warehouses.

We can handle all types of waste and all types of clearance whether it’s from your house, garden or office. From our base in Loughborough we cover a wide area encompassing most of the East and West Midlands so if you are looking for a fast and efficient service anywhere within the Derby area, we are the people to call.

Clearance Work and Covid

If there is one thing we have learned from the Covid pandemic it is how important our home environment is to our comfort and well-being. The enforced lockdown has brought into sharp focus any shortcomings in our present circumstances and made us aware of how we need to improve things.

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Call us or to email us for a quote. How to get a quote?

Please send photos, dimensions, postcode and any details

Derby House Clearance Property

Clearing the House

But before we rush off to the nearest DIY store in Derby and spend a lot of money our first step should be the simplest, clear the house of all the detritus that is using up the space. It is surprising how just getting rid of the clutter can bring a feeling of calm and peace to your Derbyshire home.

How to tackle the job is often the stumbling block which stops our good intention in its tracks, we know it can seem too big a task but that’s precisely why we are here to help. Of course, you could hire a skip but that comes with its own problems. In a busy place like Derby have you room to accommodate it, how long will you need it for, it’s an expensive option if you don’t use the full capacity and, of course, it’s you who is going to have to do the clearing and all the heavy lifting that will be involved. So why not make life easier and call in the experts.

Derby House Clearance Before

Derbyshire’s Premier Clearance Company

JS Removals are experienced in all aspects of house clearance and there are very few problems that we have not met before. We can deal with general rubbish from your home, garden, or office but also have expertise in the removal of hazardous waste, including asbestos.

We have dedicated vehicles for all our clearance work and will separate your waste into their respective categories and dispose of it legally in conjunction with the local Derby waste authorities. We are very aware of environmental safety and work to ensure that your waste of any sort is not going to cause any damage to the countryside or environment around Derby.

We bring this level of awareness to all our business dealings. We fully appreciate that while a great deal of our work is going to make life better for our clients there are of course situations which are very sensitive and require a measure of compassion.

Derby House Clearance After

Whole House Clearance or Just a Few Items

Getting rid of some possessions is often a difficult experience and none more so than when clearing the house of a much-loved relative. As a company we are aware that the way these jobs are handled can make a big difference to our customers and try to make the whole process as pain free as possible.

Whether you need a whole house clearance in Derby or just a few items, a general clear-out of the garage or garden shed, a tidy up of garden waste or if you need to make more space in your office or prepare a letting property for new tenants JS Removals are the people to trust. Ask for a quote today … and relax.

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