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As with many other towns and cities in England JS Removals offers asbestos removal to Nottingham’s domestic residents and business owners alike. We cover all types of asbestos jobs, from external structures, such as garage removals to internal clearing of asbestos containing products from all types of Nottingham properties.

Asbestos Risks in Nottingham

These days we are all very aware of the dangers asbestos can pose to our health if it is disturbed or damaged. However this was not always the case, indeed many materials used in the building trade contained asbestos during the early to mid-twentieth century and it wasn’t until the late 1970s that we became fully aware of the potential hazards and began phasing out its use.

Just like other towns in the country Nottingham went through big scale construction work during the time when asbestos was at its most popular so it will come as no surprise to find that many of the buildings created at this time will have or have had asbestos in them.

Nottingham Asbestos Removal Before

This in itself may not be causing any risk to public health at all.  Undisturbed and undamaged asbestos will not harm you.  The dangers come when moved or altered and the very fine fibres that are such a health hazard are released into the air where they can be inhaled.

How We can Help with your Asbestos Issue

This is where you need to turn to experts like us who have the expertise, knowledge and trained personnel who can safely remove the asbestos from your Nottingham home or business premises and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.

We’ve extensive experience in removing asbestos garage roofs as well as full garage removals where necessary.  We’re also experienced in the removal of other external incidences such as gutters, drains and soffits. But the use of asbestos in buildings was not confined to external uses and you may well come across products inside your property that contain asbestos.  Ceiling and floor tiles were commonly constructed of this hazardous material as was lagging for water pipes and tanks because of its resistance to water and its good insulation properties. You may also find that there is asbestos present in any textured coated surfaces inside your property, especially if the application was carried out prior to 1999.


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Once we’ve removed any asbestos from your property we will ensure that it is transported to the nearest licensed waste management centre to Nottingham who will make sure that it is handled safely and with care.  When the job is over and all hazardous material has been correctly removed and disposed of you will be issued with an Asbestos Consignment Note from the Environmental Agency.  This is your guarantee that all the work has been completed to the required standards and the asbestos has been disposed of adequately and there is no longer any future risk to public health.

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Cost of Asbestos Removal in Nottingham

We understand that finding that you have a hazardous material in your property that needs to be removed by specialists can be a daunting and worrying time, especially if you have a tight budget. There’s no need to worry though, at JS Removals we aim to be the cheapest and most cost effective provider of this service both in Nottingham and the surrounding area.  Our pricing structure is also straightforward and easy to understand whilst still offering you a fast and efficient service which will leave both you and your property asbestos free.

Rest assured that you are in safe hands when you let JS Removals take care of your asbestos removals in Nottingham.  We’re registered with the Environment Agency and have all the latest qualifications and training whilst also being fully insured.

Unfortunately, we do not offer site visits to quote the jobs. You can easily get a quote by giving us a call on 03301334610 or messaging on text/whatsapp at 07803485961. We also have email which you are able to send through your enquiry. This is hello@jsremovals.co.uk. 

We will do our best to get you a slot with the soonest availability. Let us know the postcode and we can take a quick look at what dates we have available to complete your asbestos removal. We cover Nottingham a few times a week, so the urgency should not be an issue, subject to current availability. 

This depends on how much asbestos there is to be removed from your property and the work involved to remove it. For a confirmed quote, please provide us with the following information: where the asbestos is located in your property, the dimensions of the area, images of the asbestos and your postcode.

You can pay for your asbestos removal by cash or bank transfer. You will receive an invoice if you prefer to pay by bank transfer, this will contain our bank details and your unique reference number. 

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