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For a quote we ask for a photo of each room or area to clear, along with your post code.

You can send the photos by email to: or by text/Whatsapp to: 07803485961

To price the jobs, we will need photos I am afraid, but once we have agreed the price we have several options:

  • You can post the keys to our office and we will post back on completion,.
  • We can communicate with an estate agent or family friend to allow us access.

We always take before and after photos of our jobs, so they are available to you, especially if you are not available at the property on the day of a clearance.

We aim to clear properties, subject to availability and being a full Bereavement House Clearance, within 3 working days from request.

We aim to start at 8am to 9am to allow time to complete the clearance, if a full house clearance, in one day.

It is personally your choice whether you wish to be present or not.

We understand following a bereavement, it can be a difficult time, so if you want to leave us to it, we can call you when we have finished.

Yes. You will get a full invoice, with our company details such as; company registration number, VAT number and of course licence details to handle this type of work.

A bereavement clearance, also known as a bereavement house clearance or a bereavement property clearance, refers to the process of clearing out the belongings and personal possessions of a deceased person from their home or property after they have passed away. This is typically done to prepare the property for sale, rental, or other purposes and to help the family or estate manage the deceased person’s assets and estate.

Here are some key aspects of a bereavement clearance:

  1. Clearing Personal Belongings: A bereavement clearance involves removing all personal belongings and possessions of the deceased individual from their home. This can include furniture, clothing, electronics, personal documents, and sentimental items.
  2. Sensitivity and Respect: It’s important for those conducting the clearance to approach the process with sensitivity and respect for the grieving family. Dealing with a loved one’s belongings can be emotionally challenging.
  3. Organization: The process may involve sorting and organizing the deceased person’s belongings into categories, such as items to be kept by the family, items to be sold, items to be donated to charity, and items to be disposed of.
  4. Estate Management: Bereavement clearances are often part of the larger process of managing the deceased person’s estate. This includes addressing legal matters, distributing assets, and settling any outstanding debts or obligations.
  5. Professional Services: In some cases, families may hire professional estate clearance or house clearance services to assist with the process. These services can help with packing, removal, disposal, and, if necessary, the sale of valuable items.
  6. Donation and Recycling: Many items from a bereavement clearance can be donated to charitable organizations or recycled, which can be a meaningful way to honor the deceased person’s memory.
  7. Disposal of Unwanted Items: Items that are no longer needed or have no sentimental value may need to be disposed of properly. This can include arranging for the removal of bulky items, electronics, and hazardous materials.
  8. Cleaning and Repairs: After the clearance is complete, the property may require cleaning and, in some cases, repairs or renovations before it can be sold or used for its intended purpose.

Bereavement clearances can be emotionally challenging for the family and loved ones of the deceased person, as they involve the process of letting go of cherished possessions and memories. It’s essential to approach the clearance with care, understanding, and patience to help the grieving process and ensure a respectful handling of the deceased person’s belongings.

Bereavement House Clearance Services

Of all the reasons for looking for any of our services, a bereavement house clearance is probably the most sensitive and difficult reason.  This service calls for a high degree of empathy and respect, as dealing with a bereavement of any kind can be a difficult time and clearing the house and its contents is likely to be the last thing you actually want to do.

At JS Removals we understand the stress involved in any bereavement induced house clearance and we will make sure that the whole process is as pain free as possible.

Not Going to be There?

If you find yourself dealing with clearing out a house because of bereavement but you don’t live locally, don’t worry, you can trust us to take care of the clearance for you. Just post the keys to us and we’ll do the rest before posting the keys back to you, along with an invoice, after all the work is complete.

We also work closely with most local estate agents who are handling the sale of property after a bereavement. Often a quick turnaround is required so that the house can be sold. We aim to have the job done quickly, efficiently and respectfully, often the next working day, so that this can be achieved in as short a timescale as possible.

What About Valuables and Personal Items?

We recommend that you ensure that an items of value, whether that is financial or sentimental, are removed from the property beforehand.  This may be a difficult task for you to do at this time but it is worthwhile doing it and in the long run you will be glad you did it.  Tom, our house clearance supervisor, will keep an eye out for any items that perhaps have been overlooked and will get in touch with you if needs be.

What Happens to Your Loved Ones Items Once the House is Cleared?

Because a bereavement can be such a stressful time you don’t need the added worry of something going wrong during the clearing.  Rest assured that we have the required waste carrier licence, plus insurance, and will ensure that everything that is cleared, is sorted into categories for recycling.

How Much Does Bereavement House Clearance Cost?

Every situation is different so we will provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements.  We handle all sizes of households during a bereavement clearance, from small flats to large houses, minimalist to lifetime hoarder, no job is too big or too small.

Simply provide us with photos of the property to be cleared, let us know of items such as fridges & freezers, and we’ll provide you with a quote. Don’t forget to include all areas such as attics, garden sheds and garages as these areas are often overlooked.

At JS Removals we believe that, with a bereavement house clearance, it is important to be stress free and deal with as much of the problem as possible so you don’t have to. Get in touch today and let us help you through this difficult task.


Sensitive Property Clearance after Bereavement

At JS Removals, we understand the emotional weight and stress that comes with clearing the property of a loved one who has passed away. The task is not just about removing items; it’s about handling memories, and we approach this service with the utmost sensitivity, care, and respect. Here’s how we assist families during such challenging times:

  1. Personal Consultation: Before we commence, we’ll have a thoughtful conversation with the family or estate representative. This ensures we fully understand your wishes, preferences, and any specific instructions related to the items in the property.
  2. Itemized Documentation: To aid in transparency and trust, we list all items in the property before removal. This allows family members to keep, donate, or sell items as they see fit. Any valuables or personal items discovered during the process are immediately reported and handed over to the family.
  3. Respectful Team: Our staff members are trained to operate with compassion and discretion. They are briefed about the importance of the task and ensure that every item is handled with care, understanding its emotional significance.
  4. Recycling and Donations: Where possible, and as per the family’s wishes, items in good condition can be donated to charities. We also prioritize recycling to minimize environmental impact.
  5. Privacy Guaranteed: We respect the confidentiality of our clients. All personal documents and sensitive information found during the clearance are either handed over to the family or securely destroyed upon request.
  6. Flexibility: We recognize that every situation is unique. If there are specific rituals, timings, or methods you’d like us to follow, we’ll do our best to accommodate these requests.
  7. After-Care Support: Our responsibility doesn’t end after the property has been cleared. If families need further assistance, be it related to the disposal, storage, or transportation of items, we are here to help.
  8. Transparent Pricing: We provide clear quotations without any hidden costs. Given the sensitive nature of the service, our focus is on providing value, understanding, and support, rather than just the transaction.

In times of grief and loss, the last thing a family needs is added stress. At JS Removals, our primary goal is to alleviate some of that burden, ensuring that the property of your loved one is treated with the same respect and care as if it were our own. We stand by you during these tough times, offering not just a service but a helping hand and understanding heart.

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