List of Hazardous Waste Items

Hazardous Waste

What are Hazardous Waste items in the UK?

In the UK, hazardous waste is waste that poses a potential risk to public health or the environment. It might be harmful to humans, animals, water sources, or the larger environment. Here are some common examples of hazardous waste items in the UK:

  1. Asbestos: Used in buildings for insulation, flooring, and roofing until the late 20th century, asbestos can release harmful fibres when damaged or disturbed.
  2. Chemicals: This includes laboratory chemicals, industrial chemicals, or even household chemicals.
  3. Pesticides: Any leftover pesticides, herbicides, or insecticides.
  4. Batteries: This includes car batteries and household batteries.
  5. Solvents: These are often used in the cleaning, cosmetic, and manufacturing industries.
  6. Oils: This covers engine oil, lubricants, and cooking oils.
  7. Electronic equipment containing hazardous components: Such as cathode ray tubes or fluorescent tubes.
  8. Paints and varnishes: Especially those based on solvents.
  9. Vehicle tyres: Although these are not classified as hazardous waste for landfill, they must be disposed of correctly.
  10. Clinical waste: This includes syringes, drugs, or other pharmaceutical products.
  11. Fluorescent tubes and low energy light bulbs: These can contain harmful chemicals such as mercury.
  12. Refrigeration: Found in fridges, freezers, and air conditioning units.
  13. Aerosols: This includes empty aerosol cans that might contain hazardous residues.
  14. Certain cleaning products: Depending on their chemical composition.
  15. Equipment containing ozone-depleting substances: Like certain refrigeration equipment.
  16. Sofas: Due to the new POP’s law in the UK.

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If someone believes they have hazardous waste to dispose of in the UK, they should consult the Environment Agency (in England), Natural Resources Body for Wales, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency for guidance on proper disposal procedures. It’s essential to ensure hazardous waste is disposed of safely to protect both people and the environment.


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