The Plague of Fly Tipping

  • We Dispose of Fly Tipped Rubbish Legally – Get A Free Quote.
  • Waste Carrier Licence No: CBDU221309.
  • Same & Next Day Service – Subject to availability.

As frustrating it can be when someone fly tips on your property, we understand the need to remove the rubbish. For a quote, we ask you to send images of the fly tipped waste with the postcode. This can be sent to our Text/Whatsapp at 07803485961 or our email

We will aim to clear the waste within 3 days of initial enquiry. There may be a chance we can get a team there the next day, but this is subject to availability. To find out our availability, simply let us know the postcode in your enquiry.

Our licensing number is shown on our website. You can also check the Environment Agency website to confirm our registration. Our registration number is CBDU221309. Your invoice will show you who has removed the fly tipped rubbish from your property.


Your invoice will act as a waste transfer note, showing who has taken the waste and where from.

If the postcode begins with any of the following, we offer our fly tipped rubbish collection services to your area: DE, LE, NG, NN, CV, B, WS.

With rubbish collections, we ask you to send over the images in order to allow us to confirm the quote. We cannot quote without seeing the images, and unfortunately we no longer offer site visits to quote for rubbish collections.

The Problems of Fly Tipping

No one likes to see evidence of fly tipping, and that is especially true when it is rubbish that has been fly tipped onto your land.  Unfortunately, having an unsightly pile of rubbish un-ceremoniously dumped on your property is the least of your worries. The onus is on your shoulders to get it removed and disposed of properly.

Never fear though as you have come to the right place, just get in touch with JS Removals today and we’ll have the rubbish that has been fly tipped by unscrupulous and irresponsible rogues picked up and, your land returned to its former glory in no time.

We always send out at least a 2 man team for all jobs, which is especially useful when fly tipping is involved as it often involves large items or worse still, hazardous materials where the rogue didn’t even bother to consider the dangers he can cause others.

Someone Fly Tipped my Rubbish

It is a sad, and completely unfair fact, that if you get someone to dispose of your rubbish and then all that person does is to simply dump it in the nearest available area, you could be faced with a hefty fine. Sadly, there are too many unscrupulous people out there who will gladly take your money on the pretext of disposing of your rubbish in a responsible way only to resort to fly tipping the rubbish instead.  After all, if they are not caught red handed, there will be no come back on them. They are safe in the knowledge that the responsibility for the fly tipped rubbish is the person who the rubbish belonged to in the first place, namely you!

Don’t Get Caught Out

First of all, beware of anyone in an unmarked van, they are more likely to be up to no good if they have no identifying branding on their vehicle.

Secondly, make sure that they hold the required licenses and insurance to carry and dispose of your rubbish. Any contractor who is transporting rubbish for money should have a waste carrier license and suitable public liability insurance.

Thirdly, ask to see the waste transfer note that they should receive from the disposal point that they took it to.

At JS Removals we have the required license to dispose of all your rubbish legally, whether that is your own rubbish that you are wanting disposed of responsibly or you’ve been left with a pile of rubbish that has been fly tipped by someone else. We also work closely with the local disposal sites and hold onto the waste transfer note that we get which is always available for you to review on request.

So the next time you find yourself the victim of fly tipping, just call the trusted team at JS Removals who will pick up the offending waste quickly and efficiently and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.

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