Asbestos Water Tank Removal

  • Asbestos Water Tank removal – Usually 1 to 3 Working Days.
  • Professional Asbestos  Specialists – Industry Trained.
  • All jobs include an Asbestos Disposal Certificate within 14 days.

The cost for a typical asbestos water tank collection and disposal only, assuming it is on the ground floor in asbestos wrapping, is £295+VAT.

If it is not wrapped or needs removing from the loft space, your quote is £395+VAT.

We aim to complete a job within 3 working days of request. Sometimes we can be quicker than this and also a bit longer depending on demand at the time.

We will provide a disposal certificate, called a consignment note, within 14 days of completing the job and having received payment.

We will provide an invoice on the day of the job completion, detailing what we have done. Please note we require payment by bank transfer the same day as the job is completed.

You can call us during office hours on 0330 1334 610.

Alternative you can email: or text/whatsapp: 07803485961. You can send messages 24 hours a day but may not get a reply out of working hours.

Asbestos Water Tank Removal from JS

Finding out that you have an Asbestos water tank that needs removing can be a daunting thought, after all we are now very much aware of the dangers of handling anything containing Asbestos. But there is no need to worry, at JS Removals we have all the necessary PPE and materials for the safe removal, transportation and disposal of Asbestos water tanks, down pipes and guttering.

Asbestos was the most favoured leading material for the manufacture of hot and cold water tanks not only for use in residential properties around the UK but also heavily used in a wide range of commercial buildings too.

This popularity ceased in 1999 due to the serious health issues surrounding the use of asbestos but since pre-war days this country has enthusiastically been open-armed towards the deployment and installation of asbestos in various forms, wherever a need was found for it, the UK building industry used it.

The Use of Asbestos in Water Tanks

Asbestos has many useful properties, not least of which is it’s water resistance, so it is no wonder that, back in the day, it was commonly used for the construction of water tanks.

Worrying though this may sound, it is worth noting that the asbestos content of most water tanks was typically only around 7-10% and non-friable, the term ‘non-friable is used to describe asbestos fibres that are not likely to be broken down easily and therefore the dangerous fibres not likely to be released in general circumstances. The safest solution is asbestos water tank removal.

Safe and Sound Asbestos Water Tank Removal

Obviously, any item that contains Asbestos needs careful handling and a water tank is no exception to this.

We offer two pick up services with regards to removing and disposing of an Asbestos water tank.

If the tank has already been disconnected from your system and is all wrapped up ready for collection we’ll arrange a suitable time for us to collect it at a cost of £295+VAT.

We’ll also do all the hard work for you if you prefer. Disconnecting and wrapping the tank prior to removing and disposing of the tank.  For this we will charge  £395+VAT. Both of these services are for a standard or typical sized residential water tank. If you have a tank of a different size or multiple tanks please contact us or a quote. Quotes are always free of charge.

At JS Removals we are a fully compliant Asbestos removal service with the necessary legal requirements as well as being fully insured to carry out Asbestos removal projects including water tanks and guttering. 14 days after disposal you’ll be issued with a certificate from the Environmental Agency as proof that everything has been handled correctly.

By using us for your Asbestos water tank removal you get the peace of mind knowing that you’ve used a reputable company who will carry out the job safely, efficiently and to your complete satisfaction.

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