Is it Worth Hiring a Skip?

  • The Do’s and Dont’s of Skip Hire
  • Skip Problems – Best to Be Aware of Them
  • Do You Know You Need a Permit – To Put a Skip on a Council Road
  • What You Cannot Put in a Skip – See the List Below
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When you don’t have space for a skip you usually have two options. One is to pay a parking permit with the council for the skip to be temporarily on the road side, which can take a couple of weeks.

Otherwise, you can send your photos to us, and we can send our team to load our vans with your waste. We will give you a price straight away and if you give us your post code we can confirm availability (usually 1 – 2 working days). Just press the “get a quote” or “send photos here” buttons to send your photos.

You can either ask friends or family to help. Failing this you can see if any labourers are available on Facebook and the like. Doing this always comes with a risk.

You can always contact us, with over 500+ top reviews on a wide variety of independent review websites like; Facebook, Google and Yell.

There will always be a risk when leaving a skip unattended over night. In some cases skips have had fridge freezers dumped in them. Why? Because fridge freezers are very difficult and expensive to dispose of. This can leave you in a predicament when the skip company come to collect the skip and adds a hefty charge to your invoice.

Having an experienced team to quickly load and go, will avoid this. Take a look at our rubbish removal page for more information.

This can be a difficult one, get it wrong and it could end up being costly as you will need to order another skip, doubling your bill and another day of waiting around for your skip company to exchange your full skip with an empty one. Be careful not to overfill the skip mind, as they could refuse to take it.

With us we give you a fixed price for collecting your waste, you do not need to worry if we have enough space – that’s our problem, and with us you only pay the quoted price when we have completed the job.

Is It Worth Hiring a Skip?

When there’s a perfectly sensible and more flexible alternative?

Let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of the two methods. Here’s the complications with hiring a skip for a couple of days.

  • What size of skip do you need for the job? If you aren’t sure and end up with a skip that’s too small to do the job fully, that’ll cost you dearly as you’ll need to arrange for the skip to be picked up and another one delivered.
  • Have you got room for the skip? If it can be delivered to your land then that would be better than having it delivered and dropped off on the public highway, there are associated problems and costs in doing this.
  • Did you know that to park a skip on the public road a Local Council Permit is required? The longer a skip remains on the highway, the more the Permit costs.
  • Could you possibly damage the road tarmac? Heavily overfilled skips can cause such problems, especially if the skip company cannot lift the skip off the road on their return. Expect potential costs if you do.
  • Would you be causing a parking issue with a neighbour?
  • If you intend to park the skip on your own driveway, then make sure you don’t have ‘soft tarmac’ or block paved drives, you could easily create damage here.
  • Are you up to the job of filling the skip yourself?
  • Cheap skip companies tend to be unreliable with delivery dates and pick up times.

What Can’t I Put into a Skip?

  • You are directly responsible for what you put in the skip. Hiding unacceptable items in the bottom of the skip happens often, so expect to be caught out if you do.
  • What can’t I put into a skip?

For starters, you must not put any of these items into commercial skips.

Electrical Items, including fridges, TV’s, microwaves, etc.
Tyres of any sort.
Old batteries.
Solvents paints and oils of any kind.
Compressed gas or air cylinders.
Plasterboard, which must be disposed of separately to other waste.
Hazardous Waste, including asbestos, explosives, and similar.

The Sensible Alternative to Hiring Skips

JS Removals can come to your property and remove any and all waste from your premises. Garden waste, general waste it makes no difference, we will take it all and responsibly take it to your local recycling tip to ensure it is disposed of in the proper manner.

As well as rubbish and waste removal you can also say “Goodbye” to all those negative reasons that you’d face when hiring a skip, there are perfectly sensible and more flexible alternatives open to you. Get in touch on our Contact page and talk to us today!

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