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When your fridge/freezer is included with other items of a waste collection, each individual refrigeration unit carries a £50+VAT charge. If it is a single fridge/freezer you need collecting on its own, it carries a charge of £70+VAT. Commercial refrigeration units cost double the domestic fridge/freezer. 

Typically we will aim to collect your fridge/freezer within 3 days of initial enquiry, subject to availability. When you enquire, please let us know your collection postcode and we can take a look at availability.

If your postcode begins with any of the following, we offer collection services to your area: DE, LE, NG, NN, CV, B, WS.

Our licence details are on our website. JS Removals are registered with the Environment Agency, this can be checked on their website also. Registration number – CBDU221309. Your invoice will state who has removed your fridge/freezer.

The disposal of a fridge/freezer is more expensive due to the gases contained within the unit. This means the fridge/freezer is classed as a hazardous disposal. 

Quick and Easy Fridge Freezer Disposal

Fridge and freezer collection and disposal is one of the most commonly requested services relating to household waste. Given how difficult they are to manoeuvre and the fact that not all household recycling centres accept them, it’s unsurprising that most people choose a collection service for their fridge – and with everyone becoming more environmentally-conscious, responsible handling is becoming a priority for customers.

So if your freezer is woefully frost-free, or your fridge isn’t cooling like it used to, then it’s probably time for it to go. Arrange collection with us and we’ll dispose of your appliance in a safe, legal manner, while you get to avoid all the hassle and hard work. In a world where time is money, use both of yours wisely, and call in the professionals.

At JS Removals, we make disposing of a fridge, freezer or combined unit as easy as possible. Collection is at a time to suit you, and we’ll come into your house to get the items requested, so there’s no need to worry about negotiating your bulky white goods out onto the driveway. We’ll even deal with American fridge freezers as well as under-counter units and mini fridges.

What should I do if my fridge or freezer stops working?

Since the first fridge was invented and sold in 1913, the world has fallen in love with these ubiquitous electrical goods that make life infinitely easier. Food stays fresh for longer, we can enjoy iced products throughout the year regardless of the weather, and medicines can be kept for longer, allowing more people to benefit.

But every fridge has its limits, and we’ve all experienced the horror and frustration of coming into the kitchen to realise that the fridge has finally stopped working. In that situation, everyone wants a replacement – fast.

Of course, you can sometimes find that the company providing your new fridge freezer will remove your old one when they’re installing your new one. But that’s additional work for the delivery drivers, who also have lots of other drop-offs to make, and so the company will reflect this additional effort and inconvenience not just in the collection fee they add on, but also in the price of the new appliance.

If you’ve found a replacement product for a good price, your best bet is probably to arrange your own collection and fridge freezer disposal – which is where JS Removals can help. We can be with you within a day or two of requesting collection, enabling you to install your new fridge freezer immediately. We’ll collect from its original location, so there’s no heavy lifting for you. And we’ll ensure that it’s recycled in an environmentally-responsible way.

How do fridges need to be disposed of?

There are so many different components to fridges and freezers, insulation, plastics, metals and a wide variety of electrical items which means that disposal requires careful consideration. The majority of the metal can be smelted down, but there are chemicals involved in the manufacture and functioning of refrigeration goods which need to be carefully handled, including mercury, CFCs (from products pre-1995) and HFCs (from those produced after 1995). As CFCs and HFCs both contribute to damaging the ozone layer, it’s crucial that these gases are contained and dealt with in a secure and safe manner.

You can be assured that your fridge or freezer will be disposed at a proper waste management site, and not end up by the side of a road, as happens with many people posing as tradesmen and offering unusually low prices for their services. Don’t get caught out – use a reliable and reputable rubbish removal company like ours to collect and dispose of your fridge or freezer, and enjoy peace of mind throughout the whole experience.

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