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  • Waste Carrier Licence No: CBDU221309.

JS Removals are your friendly, local rubbish removals team in Loughborough.  Being just around the corner makes us the perfect choice when you have a load of unwanted rubbish that you need removing from your Loughborough property.

We’ve a fleet of vans that are well equipped to handle all kinds of rubbish removals and Loughborough is our hometown so we couldn’t be more handy and able to pop round and take away the waste that is clogging up your property. Our minimum team consists of two people for small removal jobs, although we’ll increase man and van power depending on the needs of the job.

Whatever your rubbish problem is, we have the right vehicles and team to remove it for you quickly and effectively.  Whether you need us to remove left over garden waste from a clear out, rubble and scraps left behind after a DIY project you’ve finished or unwanted items that have been stashed in your garage or shed for years, we can take care of it all for you, so you don’t have to.

JS Removals Loughborough’s Rubbish Removal Team

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Use JS Removals, You’ll Never Regret it For Rubbish in Loughborough

Efficient: We aim to be available to come to your aid the same day if possible or on the day of your choice. We’ll give you a time slot of either the morning, lunchtime or afternoon and once we’re on our way we’ll give you a call to let you know.  We’ll send the right size team to get the job done quickly, leaving you with a cleared space so that you can get on with your plans.

Cost effective: When weighing up the pros and cons of hiring a skip or getting a company in to remove your rubbish you need to consider the time and effort needed to fill a skip and whether you have a suitable place for the skip to be sited, whilst you fill it. Getting a local Loughborough rubbish removal team means we will do the hard work for you and our van need only be outside your property for an hour or two. We also only take payment once the job is finished so there are no up-front fees for you to worry about. Just contact our rubbish removal team in Loughborough.

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Fully Licenced:  We are registered with the Environment Agency and hold the required waste carrier licence which allows us to handle your waste.  We work with local waste management centres to dispose of your rubbish in a fully, environmentally legal manner.

Eco Friendly:  We ensure that only the rubbish that cannot be recycled or repurposed in any way ends up in landfill.  We will sort and separate your waste items during collection into different loads so that wood, glass, metal etc go to their respective recycling points to be disposed of in the best way for the environment.  We hold accounts with several centres local to Loughborough so that we keep our mileage as low as possible during transfer.

Need Commercial Rubbish Removing in Loughborough?

Are you looking for commercial rubbish to be removed and cleared away in Loughborough?  Not a problem, our rubbish removal loughborough teams can tackle any size of job both commercial and domestic, just get in touch for a quote today.

Loughborough Waste Clearance

Unscrupulous Fly Tipping

We’ll even come to your rescue if your premises have been the victim of unscrupulous fly tippers who, because they don’t have the necessary licences, simply dump their waste in the most convenient spot without a care for the owners of the premises nor for the environment.

Local Loughborough Experts

Why not give your local Loughborough rubbish removal experts a call today and we’ll happily pick up and remove your unwanted waste in no time, leaving you free to get on with more important things that you’ve not found space or time to do previously.

Loughborough is our home town, so we are local near enough every day. We will aim to collect your rubbish within a few days, with the possibility of it being the same day or next day collection. This of course, is subject to availability. 

Whilst there is no limit in place, there may be times we say no to the job. This is often when the weight of the collection is too much for our vans to carry or if the team will not be able to physically move the waste. We do have a minimum charge for our collections, but no maximum charge. If you have a large job needing to be quoted, and you are in Loughborough, we may offer to come and take a look ourselves to assess it. 

We understand that parking can sometimes be an issue when visiting properties within the Loughborough area. Due to the size of our vans, we do ask that parking is made available within 20m of the collection. If this is not possible, please let us know before booking the job.

Yes, we cover all of this district. Just let us know the postcode when you enquire for a rubbish removal and we can provide you with our soonest availability. This district has collections split onto different days, all depending on the postcode.

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