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Prices can vary depending on the contents of your shed. We will need you to provide images of the waste within the shed. For us to have a look at availability, we will need to know the postcode. 

Shed clearance images can be sent via email to or text/whatsapp to 07803485961

Subject to availability, we will aim to have your shed cleared within 3 days of your initial enquiry. It may be possible we can get the shed cleared the next day!

On many occasions, we are able to remove all items. Along with clearing the contents of your shed, we are also able to dismantle and remove the shed itself! Just let us know if you require this service. 

Payment can be made by cash or bank transfer. We email you an invoice once the shed clearance has been completed. This invoice contains our company details, so can also be used as a receipt. 

It’s Time for Shed Clearing?

Shed clearance is one of the jobs high on a lot of people’s lists. Whether you want to completely transform your outside space or have just bought a property and want to clear out the junk someone else left behind, getting professionals in to clear your shed is one of the easiest steps you can take to start your gardening glow up.

Sheds are a key element of any garden or yard but clearing them can be a challenge. Like garages, they tend to become a general storage facility, often for little-used or novelty items – especially if there are young children in the household. Sheds can also become graveyards for old gardening tools, as well as a warm, dry home for creepy crawlies and other small, possibly furry critters. Little wonder, then, that many of us balk at the idea of diving into the confusing contents of our sheds – and no surprise that shed clearance is a popular buy-in service for so many homeowners.

It can also be a time-consuming and awkward process. Sifting through old, dusty items – some of it perhaps leftovers from the previous house owner, or gifted from well-meaning friends or family – isn’t a straightforward job and larger items in particular, like bikes or lawnmowers, can prove awkward to dispose of. Garden tools are also a minefield – you can’t just put a blunt saw into your normal waste bin – along with paint, half-empty bottles of weedkiller and anything electrical.

Knowing Best Techniques for Clearance

Luckily, here at JS Removals we’ve cleared enough sheds to know the best techniques and strategies for dealing with the assortment of tools and toys that naturally accumulate. Our straightforward, no-nonsense service means you simply tell us where the shed is, and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure everything currently stored in it is removed and responsibly disposed of, leaving the shed ready to either be demolished and replaced, or refilled with your own items.

Anything that can be safely recycled is sorted into its relevant types, diverting it where possible from landfill. If there are items being stored in your shed that you do not want cleared and disposed of, we strongly recommend you remove these yourself in advance of our visit.

A Blank Canvas

For shed owners looking to clear the space in order to rejuvenate it – whether with just a lick of paint, some proper shelving or turning it into a summer house of sorts – then shed clearance is the ideal way to give yourself a blank canvas. It’s great to hear about the plans our customers have made to maximise their newfound storage.

Our shed clearance service is also ideal for landlords whose tenants have left unwanted belongings in the shed, and can be tied in with our house clearance services if you want to completely empty a property in advance of a new tenant coming in.

Our dedicated team of professionals can be on hand to help clear your shed within a few days, if time is of the essence, or at a day and time to suit your plans. We take pride in being careful, attentive and thorough in our work, to give you the best service possible.

So if your yard or garden shed has seen better days, is too full to actually access or is still jam-packed with someone else’s discarded belongings, then shed clearance from JS Removals can definitely help. Let us take the hassle out of reclaiming your garden storage space and open up a world of possibilities.

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