Asbestos Soil Pipe & Guttering Removed

  • Asbestos Guttering & Soil Pipe Removal – Job Done within 2 Days.
  • Pipes & Guttering Properly Disposed of – On Job Finish.
  • All jobs include an Asbestos Disposal Certificate – Within 14 days.
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Typically, to remove and dispose of a soil pipe it will be £495+VAT. This is subject to the access and length. To remove the guttering from your property, we will need to assess the length in order to confirm a cost.

If the soil pipe already been removed, and just needs collecting it will be a cost of £295+VAT to £395+VAT depending on the amount and location. In regards to collecting your guttering, we will need to know the length to confirm a quote. 

If you are based in England, then yes we do. At JS Removals, we cover the whole of England for our asbestos collection and removal services. 

You can reach us in multiple ways. You can send us a quick email to, or pop us a message on text/whatsapp at 07803485961. If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, then give us a quick call at 03301334610 and select option 1 to divert through to the asbestos department. 

We will require a few important parts of information. We will need to know the length of your guttering or soil pipe. We may ask for an image to be sent over which allows us to assess the job and see the amount of asbestos. The final piece of information we will require is the postcode, this will allow us to offer you the soonest availability. 

Experienced Soil Pipe Removal

If you are looking for a reputable company to carry out an Asbestos soil pipe removal, or indeed removing any type of pipes or guttering, then we can help.  We’ve a fully trained and experienced team who are well equipped to handle the job quickly, safely and with disposal being completely in-line with the Environment Agency regulations.

As with any other instances of Asbestos, once you know that you have an old soil pipe or any kind of drainage such as guttering that contains Asbestos then the likelihood is that removal will be your first option.

Obviously the first thing that you will need to know is whether or not the soil pipe you are removing has been manufactured with Asbestos.  Its removal and disposal becomes a whole lot easier if it does not contain the harmful material.

Do you know if your soil pipe or guttering contains Asbestos?

If you roughly know the age of your property and when the soil pipe was first installed you can make an educated guess as to whether it contains Asbestos or not.  Asbestos soil pipe or guttering usage was introduced in the 1930’s, was very common and continued right up to the late 1990s so, if you suspect your waste drainage was installed anywhere in that timeframe then there is a strong likelihood that it contains Asbestos.

The best way to be sure, and before you consider removing the pipe work, is to get a survey carried out. These are not expensive and will give you clarity regarding the material used.

Assuming that it does contain Asbestos then you need to be aware that removal is not always an easy option and, although it is possible to tackle it yourself, it makes sense to get the experts in.

What Must I Consider when Handling Asbestos Soil Pipes

If the soil pipe is still in situ it can be a difficult job to remove it yourself, they are often heavy and bulky items and can involve a small degree of ground excavation and building works. You’ll need the right PPE equipment and you’ll need to ensure that there is minimal damage to the structure of the pipe whilst you remove it.

With the training and experience that we have gathered over the years we can help you to get rid of any old soil pipes and guttering that contains Asbestos safely leaving you free to update your property with up to date pipework, without any hassle.

We have a set price of £495+VAT for removal and disposal of a standard house soil pipe.

If you have gone down the DIY route and have bagged it up properly then for collection and disposal only we charge £295+VAT.

A Word of Caution if you go Down the DIY Route

You need to ensure that you handle anything containing Asbestos with caution and whilst we know that there is less danger working outside it still pays to be cautious so here’s some tips to keep you safe.

Wear protective equipment such as coveralls, gloves and mask.
Make sure you decontaminate yourself correctly.
All waste material should be double bagged in suitable materials ready for disposal.
Try not to create dust whilst dismantling (i.e. no drilling, sawing etc).
Use a H type vacuum cleaner to clean up and don’t sweep with a brush.

Need to Remove Asbestos Guttering and Drain Pipes

It is a likely conclusion that if your soil pipe contains this hazardous material then it is safe to assume that you may well have Asbestos guttering that needs removing too.  Never fear, we are equally experienced in handling these kinds of jobs as well.

Whether it is old Asbestos soil pipes, guttering or both you need removing, let us give you a quote today and we’ll quickly rid you of the headache of old and dangerous drainage systems.

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