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  • Need A Fast Clearance – Cleared The Next Working Day.
  • We Clear Any Property Whatever the Situation
  • Quick Quote – Email photos of each room/area to clear.

Used JS today for a house clearance. They arrived exactly on time and got the job done really quickly and professionally. They were really friendly, polite and extremely helpful. Thoroughly recommended.

Matt Bedford – Part Clearance

Very impressed, recommend to anyone who wants house or garden cleared properly.

John Hector Langley Smith – House Clearance

Service was professional throughout in terms of quotation and delivery of service.

Paul Stavely – Property Clearance

Property Clearance Price & Availability Questions.

  • How much will it cost?

    How much will it cost? See our House Clearance Costs page here. For a quote please send a photo of each room or area to clear by text, WhatsApp or Email.

  • 1 – 3 working days from request

    When can we do it? We can usually clear properties within 1 – 3 working days from request

Type of Clearances We Do:

  • Full or Part clearances

    Part or Full House Clearance

  • House Clearance

    House Clearance

  • Bereavement clearances

    Bereavement clearances

  • Office Clearance

    Office Clearance

  • End of tenancy clearances

    End of tenancy clearances

  • Flat Clearance

    Flat Clearance

  • Business Premises Clearance

    Business Premises Clearance

  • Garden Clearance

Sofa Removal

Why You Should Use Us To Clear Your Property:

  • Fast completion

    Fast completion usually 1 – 3 working days from request

  • Pay only the job is completed

    Pay only when the job is completed

  • Specialist team bag up items and clear every room

    Specialist team bag up items and clear every room

  • 5 Star Reviews

    JS Have More 5* Reviews Than Any Local Competitor

  • Minimum of 2 men per clearance

    Minimum of 2 men per clearance

  • No hidden fees

    No hidden fees

  • Carpets taken up where needed

    Carpets taken up where needed

  • Licenced and insured

    Licenced and insured

Conditions of Service

Flats not on the ground floor must be declared
Ground Floor Declaration
Easy access within 20m of where the van can be parked
20 Minute Access
Parking must be made available by customer.
Customer Parking

A – During the current pandemic we are not coming out to view properties, but are heavily relying on customers to email photos of each room to clear to give a quote.

A – We usually try and complete house clearances 1 – 3 working days from request if urgent.

A – We are Registered with the Environment Agency, registration number CBDU221309. You can check the registration number live on the Environment Agency website.

A – You can either pay via bank transfer (preferred) or cash on completion. You only pay when the job is completed.

A – We offer house clearance in Birmingham, Loughborough, Coventry, Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and the rest of the Midlands. We cover within a 75 mile radius of Leicester.

Why JS Removals are the No 1 house clearance service.

Simple, we can clear a single room or entire house with minimal fuss or delay, with a team of highly experienced clearance experts and coupled, with our own fleet of Luton vans. We do all of the manual work so you don’t have to – we load dedicated vehicles, we clear everything you want us to clear and our work is completely hassle free.

We understand that everybody’s circumstances are different but here at JS Removals we assess every clearance job with care, consideration and cost to you. Whether you are needing a bereavement house clearance, renovation or need the property cleared before or after the sale of a property – we work out the best solution.

Our price structure makes it easy for you to work out what’s best for you, a full clearance or perhaps a part clearance or flat clearance or even clearance of office space. We are flexible to your needs and offer a complete service whatever it is that you need doing.

JS Removals also clear commercial properties such as office premises – we are not limited to just property clearances!

Large bulky items are not a problem, such as fridge freezers, sofas, washing machines, wardrobes and much more! We can even take way the carpets too. Our prices are fixed in all areas we service – so a Nottingham house clearance would be the same price as a house clearance in Derby or Loughborough!

JS Removals – simply put, a clearance company you can trust!

Only pay once your house clearance has been completed to satisfactory standard. Are you a landlord, letting agent or perhaps you live abroad – we can help – just send the keys and when we have finished we will email the invoice to you! We also take photos of your property before and after the clearance just to be clear on the work we have carried out on your behalf. We even offer garage clearance, garden clearance and shed clearance.

All items are safely disposed of as we have a waste carrier licence, registered with the environmental agency. So you can rest assured that our rubbish clearance service is 100% legal too.

Our head office is based in Loughborough. Please call us if you wish to discuss your requirements and we will be able to provide a free quote quickly.

What is a house clearance service?

A house clearance service involves the removal and disposal of unwanted items from a property. This can be due to various reasons such as decluttering, following a bereavement, preparing to sell or rent a property, or following the eviction of tenants. A house clearance can encompass the entire contents of a house or specific items.

Here’s a breakdown of what a house clearance service typically entails:

  1. Assessment: Many house clearance companies begin with an assessment. They will either visit the property or ask the client to provide details (often through photographs) of the items that need clearing. This helps in providing an accurate quotation for the service.
  2. Quotation: After assessing the amount and type of items to be cleared, the company will provide a quotation that will usually cover labour, transportation, disposal fees, and any other associated costs.
  3. Removal of Items: On the day of clearance, the company will send a team to remove the items from the property. This includes furniture, appliances, personal belongings, carpets, and sometimes even fixtures and fittings.
  4. Disposal: Items removed during a house clearance will be disposed of appropriately. This could mean:
    • Recycling: Many items can be recycled, such as paper, glass, metals, and certain types of furniture.
    • Donation: Items in good condition might be donated to charities, providing social benefits.
    • Reselling: Some house clearance services may operate shops or sell items online if they have resale value.
    • Landfill: As a last resort, non-recyclable and non-reusable items will be sent to a landfill.
  5. Specialist Services: Some house clearance services specialize in clearing properties that might be particularly challenging. This could include homes that have been severely neglected, properties where hoarding has taken place, or clearances following a traumatic event.
  6. Cleaning: Some house clearance companies also offer cleaning services after the clearance, especially if the property is being prepared for sale or rental.
  7. Environmentally Responsible: Reputable house clearance companies often operate with an emphasis on environmentally responsible disposal practices, ensuring that as much waste as possible is recycled or reused.

In essence, a house clearance service provides a hassle-free solution for those needing to empty a property of its contents, whether it’s a partial clearance (specific items) or a full clearance (everything in the property).

Services we Offer Include, as well as Flat Clearance and Property Clearances:

House Removals

Rubbish Removal

Asbestos Removal

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