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The end of the Summer term is a crucial time for student letting agents in University towns such as Loughborough, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, and Coventry. After all, it is when the students move back home for the summer and vacate the premises that they have been letting throughout the academic year. In addition to accommodation checks and managing the admin that comes along with making sure keys are returned on time, there tends to be a lot of waste to deal with as well.

Indeed, the bins outside student accommodation are well known to overflow as tenants leave behind anything that they no longer want or can’t fit into their vehicles for the trip home, including bulky items like furniture. Then there are those students that don’t even make it down to the bins with the rubbish, and leave it in their rented accommodation for you the letting agency to deal with! Unfortunately, this can create a major problem for student letting agencies, because it means they are stuck with the responsibility of having to properly remove this waste, which can be time-consuming, stressful, and expensive. 

Fortunately, there is a fast, effective, and reasonably priced solution using a waste collection service. This is a topic you can read all about in the post below. 

What Are Rubbish Removal Services?

Our professional rubbish removal services for student accommodation is a specific type of assistance that we offer to student letting agents, mostly at the end of each term. Our trained and dedicated team will clear out the onsite bins stores, which tend to overflow as students dump their unwanted items as they move back home. 

Additionally, we have found that because students don’t always make it down to the bins with their unwanted and waste items, but leave them in their accommodation, our experienced operatives will also deal with waste left on the property as well. 

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Waste Collection Service?

There are many benefits to using our professional student accommodation rubbish removal service including: 


‘End of term’ can be one of the most hectic times for student letting agents, and the last thing you need is to walk into one of your properties and discover that a previous tenant has left all sorts of bulky items behind that you are now responsible for clearing out, and disposing of safely. Indeed, such a situation can put your schedule back significantly, as you’ll either have to roll up your sleeves and move the items yourself, or spend the time looking for someone to do it for you. 

Happily, you can skip that last step by working with our professional team at JS Removals & Waste Management. We’ll always be here to help you with your waste removal so you can focus on the many other tasks that this time of year brings. 


Another benefit of using JS Removals & Waste Management for your student accommodation rubbish removal is that we offer reasonable and transparent pricing. All too often waste removal companies will charge the earth, or fail to disclose all the charges involved in a job. However, we make sure this never happens, so you know the original, cost-effective price you are quoted at the beginning of the job is the only one you’ll pay. 


Last of all, by using a professional rubbish removal firm like JS Removals & Waste Management, you can take care of the safety of your team. This is because our experienced team of dedicated professionals is equipped to deal with whatever kind of waste that comes their way. That means you don’t have to worry that your staff is being exposed to heavy lifting or unsanitary conditions in the course of having to do their job. 

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Choose Js Removals & Waste Management For All Your Student Accommodation Waste Removal Needs! 

Whether your student accommodation business is based in Loughborough, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, or Coventry choose JS Removals & Waste Management for all your waste removal needs. 

Here at JS Removals & Waste Management, you know you are in good hands, as we boast not only a waste carriers license but also 500 – 5 star Google reviews. Indeed, our operatives pride themselves on maintaining the highest professional standards including being punctual to every job and offering only the very best service to every single client. 

JS Removals & Waste Management is a family-run business, and we understand just how important it is for student letting agents to be able to access an efficient waste removal service for a reasonable price. That is why we offer transparent pricing for all jobs. 

If you need student accommodation for rubbish removal in the Midlands, call JS Removals & Waste Management at 0330 1334 610, today! 


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